MerlinSwap is the first cross-chain swap for BRC20 and the Bitcoin Ecosystem. MerlinSwap is composed of free, public, open-source or source-available software, including a suite of smart contracts deployed on the Bitcoin Layer2 Merlin. Your engagement with MerlinSwap carries various risks, including, but not limited to, potential losses while digital assets are supplied to the MerlinSwap protocol and losses due to price fluctuations of tokens in a trading pair or liquidity pool. Before engaging with MerlinSwap, it is advised that you comprehensively review the relevant documentation to understand how MerlinSwap operates.

By utilizing the Services or interacting with the MerlinSwap platform in any capacity, you represent and warrant that you comprehend the inherent risks associated with cryptographic systems and blockchain-based networks. This includes an understanding of Digital Assets, including the usage and intricacies of native Digital Assets like BTC, smart contract-based tokens following the Ethereum Token Standard, and systems that interact with blockchain-based networks.

MerlinSwap does not own or control the underlying software that constitutes the foundation of blockchain networks. Generally, the software underpinning blockchain networks, including Merlin Chain, is open source, allowing for public use, modification, and distribution. By using MerlinSwap, you acknowledge and agree (a) that MerlinSwap is not responsible for the operation of the software and networks underpinning its Services, (b) there is no guarantee regarding the functionality, security, or availability of said software and networks, and (c) these underlying networks are subject to abrupt changes in operational rules, such as “forks,” which may materially affect MerlinSwap's Services. Blockchain networks utilize public/private key cryptography.

MerlinSwap is a premier decentralized exchange (DEX) for digital assets, functioning on the Merlin Chain compatible with Ethereum. MerlinSwap comprises free, public, open-source, or source-available software, including smart contracts deployed on both the Merlin and Ethereum blockchains. Your interaction with MerlinSwap involves various risks, including, but not limited to, potential losses while digital assets are being supplied to or traded on the platform, and price fluctuations of tokens in a trading pair or liquidity pool. You are encouraged to thoroughly review the documentation related to MerlinSwap to fully grasp how the platform functions.

By using MerlinSwap, you acknowledge the inherent risks associated with cryptographic systems and blockchain-based networks. This extends to digital assets, including the use and complexities of native digital assets like BRC20 and BTC, as well as smart contract-based tokens. Understanding the nuances of systems that interact with blockchain networks is crucial.

MerlinSwap does not possess or exert control over the underlying software that forms the basis of blockchain networks. Typically, this software, including that for the Merlin and Bitcoin blockchains, is open-source, permitting anyone to use, modify, and distribute it. When using MerlinSwap, you recognize and accept (a) MerlinSwap's lack of responsibility for the functioning of the software and networks underpinning its services, (b) the absence of guarantees about the functionality, security, or availability of that software and networks, and (c) the potential for abrupt operational rule changes in these networks, such as “forks,” which could significantly impact MerlinSwap's services.

Blockchain networks function using public/private key cryptography. You acknowledge that the services provided by MerlinSwap are susceptible to potential flaws, and it is your responsibility to evaluate any code or operations on the platform. The warnings provided herein do not constitute an ongoing duty to inform you about all potential risks associated with using MerlinSwap.

The security of your private keys is solely your responsibility. MerlinSwap does not have access to your private keys. Losing control of your private keys will irreversibly restrict your access to digital assets on the blockchain. In such cases, neither MerlinSwap nor any other entity can retrieve or protect your digital assets. Loss of private keys results in the inability to transfer digital assets to other blockchain addresses or wallets, leading to the loss of any value or utility those digital assets may possess.

Your interaction with MerlinSwap, including trading digital assets, borrowing, or supplying assets, entails financial risk. Digital assets are inherently experimental, risky, and volatile. Transactions are irreversible and final, with no possibility of refunds. By using MerlinSwap, you acknowledge and accept these risks and agree to access and utilize the platform at your own discretion. The risk of loss in trading digital assets can be substantial. You should consider whether such trading is suitable for your financial circumstances and resources.

By engaging with MerlinSwap, you represent that you have independently evaluated the risks of transactions and the underlying digital assets. You assert that you possess the necessary knowledge, sophistication, and professional advice to assess the merits and risks of transactions conducted on MerlinSwap. You accept all consequences of using the platform, including the potential loss of access to your digital assets. All transaction decisions are made solely by you, and MerlinSwap bears no responsibility for your actions on the platform.

MerlinSwap must adhere to applicable laws, which may necessitate certain actions or the provision of information to government agencies, actions that may not align with your

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