UniSat Wallet

Step 1: Visit the MerlinSwap official website: https://merlinswap.org/home, tap the “Launch APP” button, and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Here we select UniSat Wallet as an example, connect your UniSat Wallet.

Step 3: Tap the "Particle Network" logo in the bottom right corner to view your Account Abstraction (AA) smart contract wallet.

You also can find your EVM address on Particle Wallet.

Note: You must keep some BTC as a gas fee. The AA wallet has a prefund check feature so that if you don’t have enough BTC, it will show an error message.

Step 4: Select the token you want to trade. The upper one indicates your sell, the down one represents your buy. Enter the amount you need to swap.

Step 5: Check the transaction details by clicking “⬇️”. There are Liquidity Provider Fee, Price Impact, Average Price, Average Price, and Minimum Receive. If you don’t have any doubt, tap the “Swap” button to trade.

Step 6: Sign the transaction on UniSat Wallet, and kindly wait a moment; your swap will be completed.

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