Fundamentals of esMP and MP

MP is the native token of MerlinSwap.

esMP is the escrowed version of MP, which can be unlocked with a 30-day linear vesting period through MerlinSwap’s webpage.

MP Overview:

  • Native Token: $MP is the primary cryptocurrency of MerlinSwap.

  • Deflationary Mechanism: To enhance its value, 50% of MerlinSwap's income is used to buy back $MP, along with other blue-chip assets from the Merlin Chain ecosystem.

  • Utility Across Protocols: $MP is utilized as collateral in various protocols within the Merlin ecosystem, notably in the money market protocol.

esMP Overview:

  • Escrowed Version of $MP: $esMP can be unlocked with a 30-day linear vesting period via MerlinSwap's webpage.

esMP Highlights:

Utility Boost:

  • Purpose: Designed to stabilize asset values and boost utility.

  • Benefits: Enhances liquidity farming incentives on MerlinSwap by up to 2.5x.

Governance Role:

  • Function: Acts as the governance token for MerlinSwap.

  • Engagement: Enables community governance through token allocation voting and airdrop voting.

Staking Benefits:

  • Protocols: Currently, $esMP assets can be staked in eco protocols like Camelot, Avalon Finance, and Mage Finance.

  • Future Integration: Plans are in place for more protocols to incorporate $esMP shortly.

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