How to Farm on MerlinSwap?

  1. Select the "Farm" feature from the top navigation bar or visit

  2. Choose which pool you would like to farm. Please note that farming in a pool is the same as providing liquidity, and it may incur Impermanent Loss. Here, we'll use SolvBTC-M-BTC as an example.

  3. Tap the "Add Liquidity" button and input the amount of tokens you want to add. Remember to check the current price range.

  4. Under the "Price Range" section, you'll find a "Boost APR" button. Opening this button and staking esMP can boost your farm APR, up to 2.5X!

  5. Check your current Farm APR and tap "Add Liquidity".

  6. If the "$Farming" appears in the pool, it indicates that you are enjoying the mining rewards! You can check the NFTId, TVL, and APR. You also have a chance to further boost your APR via the "Boost" button.

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