How to add liquidity on MerlinSwap?

  1. Navigate to MerlinSwap at, connect your wallet and tap on the "Pools" feature.

  2. You can view all popular pools on Merlin and their respective pool information, such as liquidity, 24-hour volume, and current APR. Tap the “Add Liquidity +” button to provide liquidity.

  3. Choose which pair you would like to provide liquidity for, and select the fee tier. Here we will use the WBTC - iUSD pair as an example.

  4. Input the amount of tokens you will provide and take note of the current price. Set the LP price range, and we recommend a range of plus or minus 50%. Within this range, you can earn a higher APR and it's less likely to exceed the range.

  5. Approve your token and double-check all your related liquidity settings, then tap "Add".

  6. After successfully adding liquidity, you can view your position at

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